5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Renovating Your Bathroom

Bathroom renovation might sound simple when you’re standing in your builder’s showroom and looking at all the beautiful options, but it can quickly become a complicated project if you don’t do your research beforehand. Whether you’re adding a new shower to your bathtub, putting in a heated towel rack, or even just replacing the old toilet with something that doesn’t take an hour to flush, treat it like any other renovation project.

You can consult Renovco bathroom renovations to build your dream bathroom. However, before you go to any renovators, it is important to ask some questions yourself to ensure that your renovation doesn’t go in vain.

Here are 5 such questions to ask yourself before renovating your bathroom.

  • What’s your daily routine?

The layout of your bathroom should be designed based on your daily routine. If you usually spend a lot of time in your bathroom, then the layout should be designed in such a way as to make it convenient for you. Try to keep all necessities in one place and make sure there is enough space between the bathroom and bedroom.

  • How much can you spend?

The bathroom is very important to any home. It might be the only room in the house that you spend most of your alone time in, so you should make sure that it looks attractive enough to keep you coming back there and for long. If you have an extra budget, then go for a complete remodeling. But if not, then focus on updating the plumbing or electrical fittings to ensure that everything works well.

  • How much storage do you need?

An organized bathroom definitely looks better. Try to keep all your things tidy because if the area is messy, you will end up keeping a lot of items in the bathroom. This not only makes it uncomfortable but also increases the risk of accidents and injuries too. So, try to keep everything you need in one place and separate them into smaller sections so that you can find them easily.

  • How many people will be using the bathroom?

It is important to ensure that all family members will be comfortable using the bathroom. If you want to make sure your children are safe and sound, then ensure that the bathroom is childproof by installing safety locks or putting out toxic items from reach.

  • What do you not like about your current space?

If you have an old bathroom that you prefer to replace with something new, then you should ask yourself what exactly don’t you like about your current bathroom. You should also consider the aesthetic value of the room and how your guests might react to it.

Post Author: Doris Castillo