Cultivating a Beautiful Yard Requires Professional Help

Yards are not natural things. They are created by people to showcase and frame the homes in which they live. If you let your yard go for any length of time, you will see how quickly nature takes over and turns it into something other than a yard. Landed Landscapes can help you tame the grassy beast around your home and transform it into something beautiful.

Why You Need Professional Help for Your Yard

First and foremost, the grass isn’t always grass. Sometimes, as is the case with quack grass, it’s weeds. Can you tell the difference? Most homeowners can’t. They don’t know how much of their yard is grass and how much is actually grass-like weeds. The pros can tell the difference, and they know exactly how to remove the weed grasses and install real grass.

Weeds That Are Obviously Weeds Are Incredibly Hardy and Evasive

Obvious weeds, like thistle and common mullein, grow up to seven feet tall and are impossible to stop once they get out of hand. If you don’t have the time to go outside and constantly pull up weeds or spray them, your yard will be overrun in as little as three weeks. Hiring a landscaper to address the weed issue means that your yard will be relatively weed-free for as long as you have the landscaper’s services.

Feeding and Fertilizing

To get that really gorgeous emerald green carpet your neighbors have, you have to feed the lawn and fertilize it. This is more work than you might expect, particularly if you live on a rather large piece of property. The costs for fertilizer and “weed and feed” products and knowing when you should apply these products are overwhelming. It’s just easier to hire a landscaper to manage it for you. The cost of these materials is included in the service you receive.

Other Landscaping to Consider

Of course, you don’t have to have property line to property line green grass. If you want a jaw-dropping, curb-appealing landscape, you need to create a design plan with a landscaper and then plant, build, and protect bushes, trees, and flowers on your property. Working with a landscaper who also does landscape design, you can see from the plan exactly what will be planted where. You can envision what your property will look like when the landscaping project is complete.

Other Services Provided by Landed Landscapes

What wealthy people refer to as a “gardener” is what a landscaper is to everyone else. Landed Landscapes offers landscape design and construction, sod, seeding of grass, planting, pruning, trimming, and maintenance services for your yard. It takes a little time, but within a few months to a year, you can have your own enviable landscape around your home too.

Going to Be Out of Town and Need Yard Services?

Finally, if you just can’t do the yardwork yourself, a hired professional can. This is especially helpful if you’re going out of town for a week or more and don’t want the yard to be a mess when you return. If you have already contracted with Landed Landscapes to take care of your yard, they will be on the job while you’re gone.

Post Author: Jennifer Sapp