Tankless Water Heater Purchase Guide: Things To Consider

Tankless electric water heaters offer many benefits that everyone can enjoy. Families and homeowners are switching from conventional water heaters for bathrooms and sink to tankless electric water heater for their longer lifespan, energy efficiency, and other conveniences. But with so many options to choose from, it can be confusing as to which is the right one for every individual needs. To help with that, here is a purchase guide to dictate some essential things to consider when buying the right water heater for every household’s needs.

Number of devices needed

The first important thing to consider when doing water heater installation dallas tx is the number of units needed. It can be determined by how many people in a household use hot water regularly and the average use of hot water per day. To give an idea, if five or more people in a house regularly use hot water for everyday use, they might need more than two units.

Required temperature rise

Identifying the required temperature rise is the second most important task to consider. Homeowners must determine how well the heater should heat up the water to the necessary temperature rise. To know the right temperature rise capability that a homeowner needs in a water heater, incoming water temperature should be determined to be the base for the correct temperature rise factor. For instance, the water temperature in Luzon straight out of the pipes is at 29.8°C or higher, depending on the weather. If that’s the case, the needed temperature rise should be at 38.8-40°C.

Consider the size needed

Determining the accurate size is also vital in buying a tankless water heater. It can be done by knowing how much water they use on average and the needed temperature rise. If the water needs maximum heating, then a bigger unit is necessary. On average, the same can be said when using a large volume of water. 

Required maintenance

Maintenance is another key factor when buying any kind of appliance, especially water heaters that are expected to last. Make sure to purchase the toughest brands that need little maintenance to save costs. Luckily, tankless electric water heaters are known for their long life span compared to conventional ones that need detailed maintenance and costly repairs just to last a long time. 


Having an electric tankless water heater gives a ton of benefits. People will switch from its energy efficiency to a long-lasting lifespan without a single thought. The only problem is that countless options can cloud a person’s judgment about choosing the right one. Luckily, there are methods to help them pick the right one for their needs. Make sure only to buy the best shower heater in the Philippines that will fit your needs.

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Post Author: Jennifer Sapp