Texas laws on Solar Rights and Homeowners Association Management!

The most powerful source of energy that we humans have around is our star called the Sun. It overwhelms us with energy flowing over the brims. Yet we fail to capture the most of it. No wonder that a lot of efforts are being put to use to capture the most out of it. The world is gradually showing its lean towards this renewable source of energy. 25 US states have already provided HOA residents their solar rights. However, according to Worth Ross, Homeowners Association Management Texas still sometimes prohibit residents their rights. What do Texan laws say about Solar Panels, condo association management companies (Texas), and their residents? We will speak everything about it in this article!

Texas Laws on Solar Panels and Homeowners Association Management!

Texas is among those 25 states that allow its residents to have their solar rights. However, there are some guidelines around it to be followed. Violating these guidelines will always push the owner to penalties and restrictions. So what do these laws say and what can you do?

Earlier there were loopholes in the Texan laws around Solar Panels. It was preventing the homeowners from cherishing the free energy available to them. But then it got all over in the year 2011. The Texas (HB) House Bill 362 had arrived to the rescue. It had now allowed homeowners their solar rights. However, there were certain guidelines that needed to be followed. So, what are these guidelines?

Texas Property Code Section 202.010

This section allows, says Worth Ross, Homeowners Association Management (Texas) to restrict Solar Panels in these few cases when –

  • The solar panels challenge the health and safety of the public and environment around.
  • The appropriate governing authority has not approved Solar Panels.
  • Solar Panels are mounted on the ground. But their range extends beyond and above the owner’s fence.
  • The solar panels are installed in a way that is causing damage to the association.
  • Solar Panels have elements that are not Silver, Bronze, or Black in color.
  • The panels are installed properly, but they are on the common areas of the residents.
  • Solar Panels extend beyond the roofline, are not parallel to it, or do not follow the roofline!

Make sure you follow these guidelines to ensure proper and legal installation of the solar panels. Reach the appropriate legal authority if the condo association management companies Texas deny you your rights.

Why you should say yes to Solar Power?

The data says that the amount of solar energy that reaches Earth is huge. We get 10,000 times more energy than our total consumption. Earth gets 173,000 TeraWatts (which is trillion watts) of solar energy continuously! However, we waste almost all of it without using it. This is one big reason that scientists are researching extensively on effective solar mining. The cost of solar panels is falling year by year. Where the prices have shrunk by a whopping 88% since year 2010, the data speaks more goodness. The data expects these prices to fall further 10-25% in the coming decade.

But why Texas? Texas gets around 200-250 sunny days throughout the year. This dilates the pupils of scientists around. This is the very reason that people are leaning towards this so-called green energy at some pace. Some US states have even mandated using solar panels. It is time that we move towards this eco-friendly energy. This is not just cost-saving but environment saving too. As research grows further around solar panels, their effectiveness will grow further.

Post Author: Jason Balling