Why You Shouldn’t Repair Your Own Water Line

Many homeowners are familiar with their houses’ basic plumbing. The water line is the pipe that brings in fresh water, whereas the sewage line is the pipe that removes wastewater. Although these pipes are normally composed of durable materials like copper or PVC, they might develop leaks or clogs with time.

It is tempting to try to remedy the situation yourself when this happens, but this is usually always a terrible idea. To do the task successfully, you must thoroughly grasp your line. Instead of doing it alone, contact Valley Plumbing, which specializes in main water line repair in Salt Lake City. Consider the following questions as you consider whether professional assistance or your labor is a better investment.

Do You Have the Necessary Permit?

Many individuals are startled to hear that a permit is required to replace the main water line. The main water line is the underground pipe that distributes water to your home. It is often constructed of copper or plastic and is buried beneath. If your main water line is broken, fix or replace it as quickly as feasible. Otherwise, you risk losing water pressure or perhaps your entire water supply.

Repairing the main water line is a significant project, and it is vital to understand the permitting procedure before getting started. In most circumstances, a site plan identifying the position of the new water line will be necessary. Your local utility provider may also demand permission. After you have gotten the proper permissions, you may begin replacing your main water line. Even if you believe you can handle the task yourself, it is best to consult a plumber first. Attempting to save money by performing the job yourself is not worth the danger of damaging your house or breaching the law.

Do You Have the Right Tools?

It is a challenging undertaking to replace the main water line. It consists of excavating a trench, installing new plumbing, and backfilling it. While it is feasible to do this independently, having the right gear and expertise is essential before commencing any excavation. Renting a trencher or ditch witch is the first step. This enables you to drill a precise trench while protecting existing subsurface lines. Then, you must acquire the necessary type and size of pipe for your water line. Despite the fact that PVC pipe is the most typically utilized kind for domestic water lines, copper or PEX piping may be necessary for rare circumstances.

Eventually, a backhoe or other heavy equipment will be required to aid with the backfilling procedure. Without the correct equipment, replacing a main water line may be costly and time-consuming. It is always preferable to consult specialists to avoid costly property damage. Note that you will be held accountable for the costs if you create more damage.

Guarantees and Warranties

If you’re thinking of repairing your home’s water line, you might be wondering if you’ll be able to secure a guarantee if you do it yourself. The answer varies on a few criteria, but the majority of the time, no. When you engage a professional to replace your water line, you should expect them to give a warranty or guarantee on their work. If you opt to undertake the job yourself, any warranties will almost certainly be voided. Because most manufacturers only give warranties on equipment installed by a trained technician, this is the case. Thus, while replacing or repairing the water line yourself may save you money (well, not really), keep in mind that you will only be protected if something goes right.

Getting Proper Assistance

With all of this in mind, there is no better answer for your situation than Valley Plumbing. Working on water lines has been part of their range of services since opening in 2011 for Salt Lake City and beyond. All of their plumbers are fully licensed and have the same tools to handle problems from the most minor to the most major.

Some water line issues can stem from problems like tree root invasion, which is challenging to get rid of. They use the only guaranteed strategy at Valley Plumbing to eradicate the obstruction, hydro jetting. By using pressurized water, your lines will be fully cleaned and cleaner for a long time.

If money is the reason you are debating whether to DIY the repair, look into the different deals and financing solutions that Valley Plumbing offers. If you join their Quality Service Club, you can even save 15% on all projects! And, if more repairs are needed, they will help you replace your pipes without a problem.

While some repairs and maintenance can be done with your handiwork, your water line is different. Don’t put yourself in danger of causing more extensive damage. Call Valley Plumbing the moment an issue occurs for same-day service!

Post Author: Tracy Goldstein