Practice Water Conservation With Tips From A Plumber In Mississauga.

Are you struggling with climbing water bills without explanation? You may have a leak in one of your pipes, or you may simply be using too much water. Either way, a plumber in Mississauga can guide you in the right direction and help you get your bills down.

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Are You Potentially Wasting Water?

In a typical household, it becomes increasingly easy to waste water. If we’re being completely honest, most people are just not concerned about their water consumption and simply foot the bill at the end of the month. But, even if your area is not experiencing significant water shortages or restrictions, your efforts to conserve water in your home are beneficial for everyone, including the environment.

But, your heavy water consumption may not be all your fault, since faulty plumbing can also skyrocket the numbers on your meter. So, let’s take a look at how you may be wasting water in your home and how you can better practice conservation:

  1. Flushing your toilet after every use – your toilet accounts for a large portion of water consumption in your home and, quite frankly, doesn’t need to be flushed after every use. Also, flushing anything other than human waste or toilet paper is a sure-fire way to block your pipes, which could potentially lead to leaks.
  2. Taking baths and long showers – we’re probably all guilty of this one, but there is still time to do better. Instead of letting the shower run the entire time, switch it off while washing your hair and body and rinse quickly. You don’t need to admire your perfectly shaped nose in the shower mirror!
  3. Conventional showerheads – if you haven’t switched to a low-flow showerhead, it’s never been a better time to do so! Conventional showerheads use considerably more water, so if you’re not willing to cut your shower time down, you may want to opt for the low-flow alternative.
  4. Doing half loads in the washing machine – washing your gym clothes every night after hitting the weights is an easy way to waste water. If you are desperate to wash a few items of clothing but don’t have enough for a full load, consider using the deodorization setting on your washer, which doesn’t use any water, or simply wash the items by hand.
  5. Running a dishwasher that is not completely full – if you’re running your dishwasher to wash only a handful of items, you are wasting a lot of water. If you need a bowl for breakfast, wash it in the kitchen sink instead and only run your dishwasher when it is full.
  6. Running the water while brushing your teeth – yes, it can be easy to lose yourself in the two minutes while brushing your teeth, but you are using a considerable amount of water, basically just rinsing your drain for no reason. If you are prone to leaving the water running, consider leaving a post-it note on the mirror as a reminder.
  7. Overwatering your garden – it’s a simple pleasure to water your garden, but it’s not necessary to do it every day. In fact, you should only water your garden once a week, a maximum of twice if the weather has been hot and dry. You should water your garden in the early morning hours as the cool air slows down evaporation.
  8. Leaking pipes – overlooking a dripping faucet can add up quickly, especially when there are several of them throughout the house. You should regularly inspect all your plumbing to identify leaks and call in a plumber in Mississauga to fix any leaks immediately.

Being more conscious of your water consumption is not only good for your wallet but good for the environment too. We encourage you to use water sparingly and to practice the tips we discussed above.

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Post Author: Doris Castillo