6 Classic Terrace Designs that you should consider for your dream place

One of the most eye-catching features of any Indian duplex home is its wide open terraces, along with the peaceful, calming, and chill vibes that they bring. The terrace is your own special and personal outdoor retreat, but given that it’s India and the undying heat can make it a tad bit annoying for us to chill on the terrace during the day, there are quite a few ways you can keep the scorching heat at bay with some open terrace design Indian style.

You may choose to either shade your entire terrace or just a particular section, which you can dedicate to chill time after a hectic workday or host intimate parties for your friends and family. If you are unfamiliar with the wide options of open terrace design Indian style or are confused about which to opt for, Hope this helps you figure out which open terrace design Indian style would suit your house the best.

  1. Retractable awnings: A retractable awning can be easily adjusted if you need protection from heavy rains or harsh sunlight. You can also withdraw the awning and make yourself comfortable without a roof on the terrace on days you want to get a good tan or take that #sunkissed selfie. Awnings are also available in various colours and styles to add a little fun and glam to your terrace.
  2. Vertical outdoor screens: If you wish for some privacy and shade but want an open roof, you can opt for vertical outdoor screens. Along with allowing adequate lighting into your terrace, it also casts shadows, resulting in a shadowed environment.Consider going for wooden vertical outdoor screens, but since wood is susceptible to mildew, you can instal teak, cedar, or eucalyptus wood.
  3. Gazebo: Give your terrace a Victorian makeover by installing a gazebo on it. Along with giving you shade and protection from rain and sunlight, a gazebo allows you to relax and unwind with a beautiful scenic view from your terrace. You can amp up your gazebo by decorating it with fairy lights, two cushioned couches, and beautiful light-shade curtain drapes for an intimate date night or dinner with your close ones.
  4. Wooden slats: A wooden slat roof is another eye-catching open terrace design in Indian style. Offering you shade and privacy, it is perfect for family gatherings or work-from-home meetings. Just add a table and bench underneath, and bring a little nature to you with a few plants or hanging plant pots. Wooden slats, however, don’t provide protection from rain, so you may want to consider adding a glass sheet right below the wooden slats. That way, you still get your vitamin D!
  5. Glass-covered terrace room: You can bring your bar up on your terrace by installing an outdoor room with a wooden structure, a glass roof, and partitions, and setting up your bar table and chairs inside your little glass-covered room. It is a great open terrace design in Indian style for night parties or dates. For protection from the sun during the day, you can add light-shade drapes inside; that way, you can still enjoy a few light beers during the day.

Hope that you take some inspiration from these open terrace designs in Indian style. You can use these ideas to create an interesting shaded spot and transform your terrace into a landscape feature.

Post Author: Tracy Goldstein