Benefits of Industrial Concrete Floors

Industrial floors must be wear-resistant and durable. Therefore, in industrial and technical premises, special high-strength polymer coatings are laid on a concrete base. Industrigolv i Stockholm is one of the most popular solutions for industrial premises.

Properties of quality industrial floors:

  • resistant to mechanical stress;
  • do not deform due to temperature differences;
  • withstand the effects of acids and alkalis.

Use for commercial premises

The best option for floors for commercial premises and showrooms will be industrial concrete coatings, which have such properties as:

  • strength;
  • load resistance;
  • attractive appearance;
  • noise reduction;
  • water resistance;
  • lack of additional care.

These types of flooring are wear-resistant and durable, they are easy to clean, are not afraid of moisture, and look great in sales or showrooms. Industrial floors are ideal for rooms with daily high traffic. That is why, often, industrial floors with a top polymer layer are the most optimal solution for showrooms and commercial premises.

Why should you choose industrial floors?

Note that industrial concrete floors appeared much earlier than other types of self-leveling floors. After their appearance in the world, industrial concrete floors successfully solved negative factors: they became much stronger, more resistant to many chemical influences, and easier to clean than floors made of other materials. Indeed, concrete flooring has in the past become the ideal alternative to wood flooring in workshops, factories, and warehouses.

Industrial floors made of concrete can be used as an independent floor covering, in the case when strength and resistance to various influences are not important factors. The method of laying a concrete floor is quite simplified and understandable for those people who do not have professional laying skills. It is important not to forget that concrete flooring is highly sensitive to the laying format, which requires strict adherence to all the rules contained in the technological instructions.

Post Author: Doris Castillo