Checklist And Planning Of Things To Do Before 

In order not to forget anything and to avoid unpleasant surprises, here is our ULTIMATE list (link to the pdf to check at the bottom of this article) of all the elements you will need to think about before, during, and after a move. 

This includes:

  • Logistics: moving conditions and organization,
  • Administrative formalities: contact with organizations and change of address,
  • Real estate obligations: inventory, handing over of keys

Three Months Before The Move

Prepare a file in which you will keep all the documents relating to your move: letters, quotes, contacts, etc.

    • If you have no professional constraints, block the days that you will allocate to your move
  • If you are employed, ask your company such as Alliance Moving and Storage for example about possible moving leave and relocation assistance
  • If you are a tenant, notify your landlord or your agency and file your notice if you are in a non-tense area. If not, you can give it a month before your move
  • If you are a co-ownership owner, contact your trustee 
  • Determine the means and the budget allocated to your move: between friends, rental of a utility vehicle, moving company, etc.
  • Ask for quotes from three or four movers or shop around to get a vehicle and equipment,
  • Carry out an initial sorting of your goods and determine what you wish to keep, give away and sell
  • If your children are small, go in search of their new nursery
  • If they are in kindergarten or primary, you can either keep their current school or enroll them in another one
  • If they are in middle school or high school, you will have no choice but to comply with the school map 

If, during your sorting, you realize that you do not want to give away your bulky furniture but do not want to part with it, you can consider renting a storage unit to put it away for a duration that suits you.

Two Months Before The Move

    • Select the company that will ensure your move and set a date for a technical visit to your home,
    • Or anticipate the loan or rental of your utility vehicle,
    • Inform the administration of your upcoming change of address: Health insurance, CAF, tax office, pension fund, complementary health insurance, etc.
    • Inform your bank and anticipate the formalities to be carried out if you wish to change it,
    • Think about handling larger pieces of furniture. Will we have to pass this King Size mattress through the window?
    • Notify your attending physician of your departure,
    • Do you have a pet? Think now about its transport,
    • Cancel your various subscriptions if you change city (gym, library, etc.),
    • Stock up on boxes, bubble wrap, and tape. Glass boxes, blankets, gloves, and markers, One month before the move
  • Prepare the care of your children and your animals,
  • Start the boxes by storing what you will not need in the weeks following your move,
  • Create a list of all that is present in the boxes and number them,
  • In rental, communicate your departure date to your lessor,
  • Gradually empty your fridge and cupboards,
  • Set the dates for readings with your various energy and water suppliers,
  • Anticipate your means of transport as well as that of the people who will come to lend a hand on D-Day,
  • Notify your neighbors that you are leaving the accommodation,
  • Take a tour of the goods in the laundry, in alterations, rented, or loaned.

Post Author: Tracy Goldstein