Great Swimming Pool Shapes For You

One of the most exciting things about modern swimming pools is that they come in different shapes and sizes. The era of the bland-looking swimming pool is almost over. These days, a combination of factors have made it possible for pool designers to think outside the box and create killer pools in innovative and attractive shapes. Below are some common swimming pool shapes and why people opt for these shapes.

The Rectangular Pool

This is one of the most common pool shapes out there. It is relatively easy to design and many people go for it because of its no-frills and functional features. In cases where space is a problem, this is the right pool because it does not require too much space. Better still, we can say that you can go for the rectangular pool if you want to make optimal use of the space available in your yard.

The Circular Pool

This is the perfect pool in cases where space is not an issue. It is also the perfect pool for you if you have a large family. There is enough space in this pool for your four sons, five daughters and wife. If you have a cousin or two spending the vacation in your house, they can also join you in the fun and the pool will not get crowded. From the perspective of space, it doesn’t get any better than this but this pool has other advantages too. Your designer can create the pool so that it sits on a granite enclosure. This makes it easy to give the pool a glass cover and this adds to the class and beauty of this wonderful pool.

Oval Pools

These pools require a designer with a deft touch because of the curves and lines that go with the pool. In addition, you need plenty of space so that the pool can sit in all its oval glory in your yard. This pool usually goes with a natural setting and this makes it cool. In the context of this article, “cool” has both literal and figurative connotations. On the one hand, the natural setting will make the pool area cool on warm days. Again, “cool” refers to the fact that this pool is pure class.

Geometric Pools

If you think these pools were designed by architects, this writer will forgive you. This is because geometric pools come with lines, angles and geometric patterns. Forget about the 45-degree and 90-degree angles you see on geometric pools. These pools are durable, spacious and functional. This is just the right pool for you if you have a scientific mindset and you want to express this in your choice of swimming pool.

Figure 8 Pools

These pools are great for fashion enthusiasts and people with a sensual mindset. While some experts have described rectangular and geometric pools as masculine pools, figure 8 pools are definitely feminine pools. Build this pool for your wife and daughters and they will love you more than they already do.

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Post Author: Doris Castillo