How do you check the quality of cement?

Unless you are a constructor or builder, you have fewer chances of identifying cement quality. Cement is an important ingredient in the construction industry. If you are constructing a new house, it is essential to get quality cement. For that, you must know the methods to identify the quality of the cement. Cement is usually available in the form of a grey powder, and based on the ingredients added, they form its quality. In construction, builders have to choose the best cement for house. If you are not aware of this, here are a few tips to help you out:

Check the manufacturing date

Before you buy the cement, you have to check its manufacturing date. The strength of the cement lies in time. Fresh cement absorbs more moisture in the air quickly. Though packed, it loses its strength because of the increased moisture content. This chemical reaction between the cement and the atmospheric moisture is known as hydration. It is better to use it within 90 days of its manufacturing date.

Check the lumps

Once you open the cement bag, check the contents to see whether it has lumps. It is essential to check the lumps while buying cement. Lumps indicate that it has a moisture content in it. If the cement has moisture, they lose its strength. Such types of cement are useless for construction. If you find any lumps in the cement bag, you better go for another.

Conduct the float test

It is a quality control test done in cement to find the amount of dust in it. If the cement contains more dust, it can reduce its strength. You can do the test by adding a small quantity of cement to a bucket of water. It is of good quality if it floats for some time before sinking. If it is immediately sinking, it is not a good quality cement.

Colour test

The colour of the cement tells its quality. The colour found usually is grey with a light green shade. If it has a dark greenish colour like ordinary Portland cement, it has a mix of limestone. If the colour is light grey, it is older. Know its quality before you buy them.

Check the addition of other substances

Cement is in the form of a powder that must be soft, which shows that it is of good quality. In some cases, cement is getting mixed with other substances, affecting its quality. Adding other ingredients to it makes it feel rough. It indicates that it has more sand added to it. You also have the Plaster of Paris pricethe same as the cement. Check them before you buy the cement.

To sum it up

Cement is the binding material which must be good in terms of quality. These days there are different types of cement available in different colours. When you buy cement for construction, it is essential to test its quality. If you are yet to know about this, follow the steps to check the cement.

Post Author: Tracy Goldstein