How to Host the Ultimate Backyard Family Movie Night

Nobody could say no to a fun backyard movie night under the stars, and if you get all things organized perfectly you would be named as number one host in the world. Hosting an awesome family movie night in your cozy backyard is a great way to get all your friends and family together, and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t take much effort to plan it out. When the sky is clear and the temperature is right, there’s no excuse to get the family out and invite all your friends and enjoy an amazing movie feature. If you are wondering how to do it perfectly, here is a thorough list to follow.

Set up the outdoor screen

To get things rolling, you first need a screen for your outdoor theatre. For that matter, you need a projector and an electrical outlet to power it. Ensure it’s lengthy enough to reach the projector so you might want to plug in the garage. For the backdrop, you can use white bedsheets or curtains. Pin them on a clear exterior wall or some other flat surface so you would have a neat picture. If you have money to spare, you can get an actual projector backdrop.

Get the right theatre light

The most eclectic feeling of outdoor movie night is being under the stars, so you would have timid light from the moon and stars. However, you need to ensure that everyone can see the movie reach their soda or popcorn with ease, so you might want to add other lighting sources. It would be cool to get warm garden solar lights and hang them around the fence, tree, or along garage. Also, adding lanterns with candles or twinkle globes would uplift the movie-watching atmosphere.

Install adequate sound

It would be more than useful if your projector had built-in speakers because then you can only mount additional Bluetooth speakers for extra sound. You want everyone to be able to hear the movie sound appropriately, so if necessary install extra small wireless speakers in the back to maximize the sound effect if possible. Hearing the sound right is the most vital thing when hosting a backdrop family movie night.

Arrange cozy seating

Comfortable seating arrangements for a movie night should be your next pivotal concern. Instead of taking out furniture from the house, you might want to opt for something more suitable for the outdoor area. Get creative with the seating by taking old floor cushions and arranging them in circular form. It would be cool to place outdoor sofas or benches with a chair. If you lack some of these things, you can always place bean bags or a warm fluffy blanket. Don’t forget about placing a small accent table for drinks and snacks.

Get yummy food and drinks

Youngsters and teens will surely say this is the most important feature when planning a movie under the stars. And it is an important factor, so make sure you select the right food, snacks, and drinks. You don’t want your backyard to look like a messy restaurant, but you do want everyone to be satisfied. Hence, get or make some food that works well when watching a movie such as popcorn, hot dogs, warm pretzel bits with dips, tortilla chips with cheese, and similar. You can also consider themed food if you are watching a scary movie for instance. Don’t forget about drinks. Some of the most popular options include various juices and other fizzy drinks. Prove a cooler for beers (adults only).

Pick the right movie

In the end, we come to the most essential part of the backyard family party, selecting the best feature presentation for the ultimate movie night. Here you have a couple of options in order to organize a blasting night. First, you could choose to go with an all-time favorite movie that everybody knows and likes and merely enjoy in the environment and have fun in the open air. Or, secondly, you could have your guests vote for the movie one or two days before. Voting is always a smart option because in that way there won’t be any misunderstandings and potential arguments.

Backyard movie nights represent an entertaining way to get the people you care for together. Put all these tips together and you will most definitely organize the ultimate movie night.

Post Author: Doris Castillo