Porcelain Tiles: Know the Types and Styles Available to Pick the One That Suits Your Space

For many years, property owners value porcelain tiles for their smooth texture, delicate shine, and sleek look. These tiles are used in bathrooms, kitchens, and entry foyers. And because Club Ceramic Porcelain tiles have different characteristics, you need to choose the right kind of tiles to install in a particular area. Keep reading to learn more about these tiles and why you should consider having them in your home:

 Kinds of Porcelain Tiles

Different kinds of porcelain tiles have various characteristics.  Because of this, you need to pick carefully. Porcelain tiles are available in different varieties such as the following:

  • Wall tiles. A lot of homeowners use porcelain tiles for their bathroom and shower walls. Sometimes, these tiles can be used as an accent wall in your living room. You can pick from a variety of wall tile designs. Tiles made of porcelain can mimic stone or wood with great realistic visuals ideal for wall installations.
  • Floor tiles. Porcelain tiles are waterproof and pet-proof, making them perfect for flooring. They are quite durable and available in diverse designs. Thus, they can help you make your dream bathroom or kitchen a reality.

Porcelain tiles come with a smooth surface, which means they block out moisture. Since they are waterproof, they are ideal for use in foyers and bathrooms where slush, water, steam, rain, and melted snow tend to collect and damage other kinds of flooring. Also, these tiles are easy to clean, which makes them a perfect choice for kitchens. 

Styles Available

If you are on the market for porcelain tiles, you can surely find wall or floor tiles that suit your space and décor. These tiles are available in various colours, finishes, and textures. Replicas of natural materials let you enjoy the quality and beauty of slate, wood, and marble.

  • Stone and wood effect. Porcelain tiles can replicate the distinctive characteristics of wood and stone, giving impact with affordability and durability. 
  • Big format tiles. These tiles can make a smaller space appear bigger because they can increase the feeling of space and light. Also, they work well in open-plan areas.
  • Decorative porcelain tiles. Decorative and patterned porcelain tiles are capable of creating points of interest in all rooms, whether you install them as a kitchen backsplash or creative floor in your living room. You can opt for beautifully glazed floor and wall tiles that have strong geometric patterns adopting a timeless style. 

Post Author: Jennifer Sapp