Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are a popular surface for kitchen counters because they provide an elegant and modern design with an expensive-looking aesthetic. However, marble is not cheap. This is a considerable investment, and there is some speculation that this trend will soon fade away for being too costly and impractical to maintain as years go by. You can check out marble countertops from Granite au Sommet to choose an appropriate one for your kitchen.

We will now see more into the pros and cons of choosing marble countertops for your kitchen.

Pros of Marble Countertops

  • Waterproof and heatproof

Marble is basically a formed limestone. It is composed of mica, silica, and clay in the form of mixtures. These minerals make up the stone’s structure. Because marble does not have a single mineral, in particular, it is resistant to certain chemical agents like acids and alkali. And that makes marble an excellent heat-resistant material. This property makes it ideal for countertops and other surfaces that are exposed to water anymore on a daily basis.

  • Adds the value to your home

Marble is an expensive and luxurious stone. With marble countertops, you can increase the value of your home. Aside from that, the trend of using marble in your kitchen is popular nowadays, which makes it a solid investment.

  • Exceptionally beautiful

Marble is a unique stone with appealing color and texture. It has been in use for centuries,  and it is one of the most desired stones that has ever existed. Having marble as a surface in your kitchen gives you an impression even more luxurious than granite countertops.

Cons of Marble Countertops

  • Expensive 

The most significant disadvantage of marble countertops is the high cost. Marble is very expensive and you have to spend a considerable amount in order to buy it and have it installed in your house.

  • DIY installation is not possible

However, marble is not that easy to install, especially if you are a DIY enthusiast. A marble countertop is difficult to move by yourself because of its bulkiness and weight. You have to hire a professional for the job.

  • Repairs are difficult

Because of its fragility, marble is prone to cracks and other defects. These cracks can be restored with a good caulking compound but it is not easy. You have to do it carefully because you want the texture and colors intact, especially if you are planning to sell your house one day in the future.

Post Author: Jennifer Sapp