Rug Care Tips to Avoid Severe Fading and Sun Bleaching

No one wants to see their rug’s colour fading. Apart from regular rug cleaning and professional help, you have to protect your rug so it won’t be damaged by harsh sunlight. Next time you see your professional rug cleaners, ask them for a rug protector and more tips to restore your rug’s beauty.

The most important thing you can do to keep your rug from fading is to keep it out of direct sunlight. The best option is to buy UV light blocking window coverings, which can help prevent fading without requiring you to close your blinds throughout the day. A fluorocarbon protector, available at your local rug store, may be useful in this situation. Ask rug cleaners about these protectors. These protectors will need to be reapplied regularly. So, keep that in mind if you acquire one. If you have area rugs in some of your rooms, pull them away from the windows so that the light does not shine directly on them.

Here Are Some Rug Cleaning Ideas You Might Put to Use

  1. The first step in this method is to vacuum your carpet to remove any extra dirt.
  2. Next, in a basin, combine equal parts hot water and salt and whisk until the salt is fully dissolved. Apply this mixture to your flooring with a moist cloth, and cover it with a gentle coating.
  3. Allow your rug to dry naturally before vacuuming off the salt. That should help to restore some of the colours to your flooring.

Fast reaction time is essential for combating sun fade, as is reacting as soon as possible and allowing as little time as possible to elapse. If you think your rug needs professional rug cleaners, call them immediately. Their expert rug cleaning methods can save your flooring and make it look like a new one.

Rug Care Tips

  • Move Rugs Away from Direct Sunlight: Even though the sun can theoretically reach your carpet, moving it to the centre of a room rather than near to the windows is your best chance.
  • Install UV-Blocking Window Films: Window films that filter the sun’s damaging UV rays will help to keep your furniture from deteriorating.
  • Use Solar Shades: Solar shades function similarly to window film, but they are actual window shades that you can open and close.
  • Keep Your Curtains Drawn During the Day: If you don’t mind waking up to a dark and pleasant room, invest in beautiful drapes with light-blocking liners.

You most likely do not want your rug to fade. So, as soon as you observe fading, you should take action. To maintain your flooring looking its best, use these tips and ease the problem. Connect with your rug cleaners and let them do the rest rug cleaning treatment. Remember, your rugs deserve the best cleaning and protection. So, never settle for low quality or cheap services. All the best for your rug protection journey! You can do it.

Post Author: Jennifer Sapp