Taking Care of a Broken Toilet

A toilet is among the most essential elements in any home. Toilets are used often all day long to flush our waste. When they need to be repaired, they can disturb your routine and cause a plethora of other issues if not dealt with professionally and in a timely manner.

While minor clogs may be removed by yourself, significant problems should be handled by a professional. Towers Plumbing is one such company that will provide you with 24-hour plumbing service in Highland, UT if a tiny flush results in an overflowing bowl. Work is easy for their team to undertake!

Typical Indicators

It is vital that you recognize the warning signs in order to seek proper aid. The most obvious symptoms that your toilet is broken are as follows:

  • Slowly filled the toilet bowl
  • Noises of continuous flushing
  • The toilet bowl is “sweating.”
  • The water pressure is inadequate.

Causes and Repercussions

There are various reasons your toilet may become insufficient, which might have catastrophic consequences.


The most common issue is, of obviously, a blockage. Along with trash, toilet drains can handle water or items that disintegrate quickly, such as toilet paper. The drain is usually a little larger than three inches in diameter, so anything larger will rapidly become trapped.

Clogs can create pipe back-ups and disrupt water flow. This keeps your toilet from flushing something else, but it may damage your pipes. As the water attempts to get past the barrier, pressure may build up, resulting in leaks or burst pipelines.

Failure of Valves

A series of valves positioned in the back tank control your toilet. Regrettably, valves are prone to failure or malfunction. Because the tank fills with water, silt may build and clog the valves. They may also become loose as a result of a sudden change in water pressure.

Water in your toilet may become uncontrollable if a defective valve is unable to control the flow. Even if you turn off the water supply to your toilet, you may still be at risk of flooding, which can cause significant damage and expensive flood repair.

Seals That Have Suffered Damage

The seal is a wax ring at the base of your toilet. Although it may not appear to be necessary, the seal is critical to the operation of your toilet. It creates an airtight barrier, preventing water or sewage from going through. This keeps your floor clean and the foul odors caused by sewer pipes out of your bathroom.

As it ages, the seal is prone to degradation. It will also become loose rapidly if not properly installed or replaced. If not fixed, a broken seal will very certainly lead to the previous leaking. Water damage and sewage gas leaks can be hazardous to one’s health if inhaled.

Strategies for Prevention

Luckily, all of the concerns stated above are easily avoidable:

  • The most basic precaution is to be aware of the items you are flushing. Tampons, condoms, and diapers should all be thrown away. It’s also a good practice to keep your toilet lid locked to avoid children flushing toys.
  • When the water in your toilet begins to overflow, open the back of the toilet to inspect the valves. They may need to be cleaned. To avert disaster, you should check them frequently. The same may be said for your toilet seal
  • The best course of action for regular yet critical maintenance is to contact Towers Plumbing. Toilets are a crucial component of any house, but experts know that they are plagued with troubles that inexperienced homeowners must be prepared to manage.

Towers Plumbing is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure that all of its Highland, UT, residents may go about their everyday lives without interruption. Disaster has no regard for appointments. Thus their team will be at your door the instant you require assistance.

Even though most problems may be rectified with simple operations like drain cleaning or seal adjustments, their professionals can promptly replace those that are beyond repair. New toilets can provide various benefits. Low-flow options function better, but they may also save you money on utility bills. Towers Plumbing is all about saving you money on services. Thus they will gladly assist you in finding the appropriate alternative.

As the most used utility in your house, your toilet should always function properly; nonetheless, this is unavoidable. When a plunger is ineffective, and you need the help of a professional, call Towers Plumbing and discover why they truly “tower above the rest!”

Post Author: Tracy Goldstein