Termites Are No Longer Welcome With These Suggestions

Moving into a new house or a used home calls for many uninvited guests. Among many of the hated ones are termites. One needs to get help on termite control as soon as they move in. People may suggest many options still, but the best is to get professional help for long-lasting relief.

One can find many resources online that can connect them with such professionals. But to defeat your enemy, it is essential to know the enemy. So, let us see who one against us is and how to win over them in our own homes.

What Are Termites?

To keep it simple, they are insects. They are different from all the other friends that settle in a locked house. They are harmful to the furniture and not the renters. One can find their new piece of furniture damaged by them. No matter how expensive a table is, the termites will destroy them.

So, they are very capable of hurting your mind and your pockets. They can build a nest and reproduce many like them. They are attracted to wood and are visible to the naked eye. So, one can identify them and catch them for any furniture damage.

How To Identify Termites?

To know if your house is infected, look for some signs. They are in front of you but may be hard to identify. Termites love wood, so the first step is to look for any wooden furniture or tree damage. When the termites are scavenging wood, there is plenty of noise, which can be the first clue.

During monsoons, look for areas that are underground or tend to be moist. Termites can settle at such temperatures, and the corners of the doors and windows are easy targets. Monsoon or humid climate affects their movements and noises, but termites can also be a part of it. Dirt is another safest location, clean precautiously.

How To Treat Them At Home?

To treat Termites at home, one can do some tricks and tactics. For homemade treatments, one can keep some of the solutions handy. Some of them are, for quick results:

  • Vinegar With Water
  • Vinegar With Lemon Juice
  • Boric Acid
  • Borax Powder

With the correct mixture and solution, one can remove them. But termites are not immune for long, and there are chances that they will come back after the treatments are complete. For the permanent solution, finding professionals is recommended.

Post Author: Doris Castillo