Weekday Vs Weekend Moving: When Should You Move?

When it comes to moving, convenience can vary from one person to the next. Some people prefer a weekday move because it fits their schedule and budget, while others may not have the option of waiting until their weekend.

If you have no other option but to move on the weekend, it is best to make arrangements early. Most moving firms get busy weekends. You might consider moving on a weekday if you are flexible. It may be cheaper.

Pros Of Moving On A Weekday

Lower prices: It is more popular than so you will likely find lower rates throughout the week.

Flexible dates: Because weekdays are less common during peak season, moving companies can be more flexible to accommodate your needs.

Are you a parent? A weekday move is best if you are moving during school years. This will allow you to pack your belongings while your children are in school or daycare. For a stress-free move, be sure to check out our tips.

Faster access to utilities: If you move, it is common to schedule utilities for service to start before you arrive. However, if you arrive at your new residence and discover that your gas or electricity is not working, it will likely be easier to contact the utility company immediately since they are open during normal business hours.

Pros Of Moving On A Weekend

You are less likely to miss work. Moving on weekends minimizes the time you spend away from work.

Your child is less likely to miss school if you move on weekends. A weekend move is a good option if your child is moving to a new school. This will make it easier for them to begin at their new school in the new week.

Less traffic: It’s possible to move on the weekend if you don’t encounter the same rush hour traffic as you would during the week.

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes time to choose a moving day for the next move. It is important to weigh all options and to make your choice based on your preferences and your schedule.

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Post Author: Tracy Goldstein