What Are Dental Emergencies And How To Treat Them? 

A bleeding gum, broken tooth, trauma to the face, or other serious dental injuries can be considered dental emergencies. Dental emergencies require the immediate attention of an experienced dentist. Immediate attention is needed to prevent decay or adverse complications due to the damage. 

An emergency dentist in Littleton helps their patients whenever in need. As dental emergencies can arise at any time, one must have access to a dentist who is available for them at any time of the day. Getting treatment for dental injuries in time can ensure that your oral cavity returns to normal and you return to your daily routine quickly. 

What are dental injuries encountered commonly? 

Dental injuries can be minor or significant. In any case, without the proper assistance of a dental professional, nothing can help. Therefore, a person must ensure that they receive adequate and quick treatment for their dental injuries. Moreover, significant or severe dental injuries require extra care and attention. Immediate dental assistance is needed to prevent tooth loss, tooth decay, or other health risks related to the heart and lungs. 

  • Toothache. 

A toothache may not sound severe, but in some cases, it may indicate a bacterial or fungal infection that requires immediate attention. 

  • Damaged tooth. 

A broken or chipped tooth may allow bacteria to invade the tooth pulp and spread infection. 

  • Dislodged tooth. 

When a tooth is missing, and its roots are still embedded into the gums, such a condition can lead to significant chances of infection spread. 

  • Malfunctioning dental implants. 

A dental filling or a dental implant may fail and require immediate dental attention. 

First aid products that can be used in dental emergencies:

If dental help is not easily accessible or a patient may not be able to reach a dental clinic in time, they can opt for first aid products that prolong the issue and buy patients some time to get to a dental clinic. These first aid items are as follows:

  • Gauze.

Gauze is used as a pressure bandage to stop bleeding. It can be used when a patient has severe bleeding that cannot be controlled using cotton.

  • Painkillers. 

Topical or oral pain killers like Orajel or ibuprofen can be used in case of moderate to severe pain. 

  • Dental adhesives

These are used in cases where a dental crown is weak or loose. These may help patients stabilize the dental implant until they reach a dental clinic. 

  • Ice Packs

Ice packs are used to minimize the pain and swelling that arises in case of dental injuries. 

Post Author: Jennifer Sapp