What is the Advantage of a Home Warranty for Real Estate Agents? 

Today, homes with home warranties are selling at higher prices and much quicker than homes without these protection plans. A home warranty, or home service agreement, is a residential service contract that provides repair and/or replacement coverage for many of the home’s most important appliances and systems. If a mechanical breakdown of a covered item is due to normal wear and tear, or age of the unit, the plan provides for a licensed, prescreened, pre-qualifed service technician to assess the situation and determine if repair or replacement is required.

Warranty Protection for Real Estate Agents, Buyers and Sellers

With a home warranty for real estate agents, sellers, buyers and agents can all be protected against expensive breakdowns before, during, and after the home purchase. Real estate professionals with experience are aware when they sell a previously owned home, the home buyer will likely suffer a mechanical system or appliance breakdown during the first year of ownership which makes it a wise choice as these warranties are transferred from the seller to the buyer at the time of purchase

With the reputable warranty companies, there are no long-term contracts involved so you will not be locked into a plan. You can have your plan for as little or as long as you’d like. A home warranty can  protect sellers who are selling a home with older home systems and appliances, during the time period that their house is on the market. As well, home buyers can move in with peace of mind knowing that their budget and new home is protected against unexpected mechanical failures that are covered under the terms and conditions of the warranty. Policy holders get the convenience of having a home warranty representative available to them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A home warranty also reduces any pre-close issues related to the home inspection during the home buying process. Additionally, home warranties may offer protection against potential after-sale legal disputes.

A Valuable Real Estate Marketing Tool

A home warranty for real estate agents provides a safeguard on the home’s existing covered major systems and appliances, giving buyers and sellers, as well as agents, peace of mind knowing they are protected from unexpected mechanical failures. Having a home warranty is an affordable way for a seller to separate their listed property from others on the market. It gives real estate agents, buyers, and sellers a competitive edge since homes with an existing home warranty plan usually sell faster than homes without one.

If you are the buying real estate agent avalon nj, you can help your home buyers feel more confident when purchasing a new or older home knowing they can rely on a warranty to help cover unexpected repairs, especially during their first year of homeownership. Satisfied home buyers and sellers lead to more referrals and more business in the future which makes a home warranty for real estate agents a valuable marketing tool.

Post Author: Doris Castillo