Why Professional Use Specific Site to Clean a Rug?

Rug cleaning is not an easy task. We all know that it needs specific knowledge, safe solvents, advanced tools and even a good place to clean them. Have you ever wondered why professionals and best rug cleaners take rugs away to clean or choose a specific site for this? Here is the answer:

  • Cleaning of Fringes

No process can be performed at home that comes close to cleaning fringes in the same manner as on sites. Because fringes are mainly composed of cotton, a cotton-specific detergent can be used. Even Persian and wool rugs need specific cleaning treatments that can’t be carried out at your home.

Fringes are treated with cotton-safe detergent on a wash floor at a rug cleaning facility, and then high-pressure water is used to blast off dirt and leftover soaps. This technique is used on both sides of the fringe.

  • Odour Removal Techniques

Pet urine does not just sit on the carpet’s surface. It absorbs into the basis of the carpeting. The sanitation treatment loosens odour-causing bacteria, allowing rug cleaning experts to effectively remove the germs when the rug is cleaned. The best rug cleaners can guarantee complete odour elimination because of this method.

  • Different Rug Cleaning Process

 Most rugs may be cleaned anywhere, however, keep in mind that, unlike carpets, rugs (particularly wool rugs) must be completely wet. It’s the only method to flush out any lingering debris pockets. Again, this is not something that can be done inside the house and is best done on an inclined wash floor. A wet rug is additionally weighty because the same pockets that earlier housed debris now hold a lot of water.

Depending on the rug’s condition and other factors, the best rug cleaners choose a method and then a space to execute that method. Some methods like steam cleaning may require more tools and space. That’s why rug cleaning experts choose a specific site for cleaning.

  • Drying Process for Rugs

As rugs get saturated with water, the proper equipment is required to drain the maximum quantity of water as rapidly as possible before any damage occurs. This procedure relies heavily on advanced quick-drying equipment such as large-capacity extractors and super-fast airflow systems. Again, this is not generally something that can be done on the premises.

Rugs have been washed for as long as they have been created. Traditionally, this chore was performed by washerwomen, who would take their rugs down to the riverbank and thoroughly wet them. They would wash and clean them well before allowing them to dry naturally in the sun.

However, before allowing any water to come into contact with a rug, it was frequently hanged on a rope and pounded to within an inch of its life. The reason for this is that floorings may collect a lot of dust. When we mention a lot of dust, we’re talking about pounds of it.

So, talk to your rug cleaning experts and let them decide the place of cleaning. Some best rug cleaners also offer free pickup and delivery when you choose their services.

Post Author: Tracy Goldstein