A Comprehensive Guide On Distribution Board

Any commercial or residential electrical system would be complete with a distribution board, called a panel or electric board. A distribution board receives power from the main power cable and distributes it to individual circuits using breakers or safety fuses. 

Simply put, it powers things like extra lights and plugs in the wall. Electricity distribution is crucial to the efficient functioning of office and home appliances. The Vertical Three Phase Neutral Distribution Board box abbreviation is the VTPN DB box. Power in a three-phase system is distributed via this type of electrical panel.

There Are Specialised Types Of Db Boards

  •  4 Way Vtpn Distribution Board

Each phase in a three-phase DB system is equipped with a different number of MCBs that lead to the external circuits. For instance, a 4 way VTPN DB comprises 12 (43) outgoing MCBs because each phase has 4 MCBs.

  • 12 Way Vtpn Distribution Board

The VTPN DB 12 way allows for mounting any size or type of modular device to accommodate any given load. Modular devices can be attached to its 44 18 mm modules in a total of 12 possible ways.

Invest In A Beneficial Distribution Board

The modern IndoAsian’s distribution boards must have these three main features:

  • Safety: 

The fuse is a crucial part of any distribution board’s safety features. A distribution board would only be much use with a fuse to cut off power if an overload occurs. In the event of an overload, the fuse will shut off the main power supply, safeguarding your electronics and the structure of your home or workplace.

  • Aesthetics: 

Distribution boards improve the aesthetics of a room in addition to their functional purpose. These boards are no longer a visual nuisance in workplaces.

  • User-friendly: 

It is not the best option if a distribution panel is difficult to operate. The board should allow for quick movement of wires. Easy installation and administration are a must. Distribution boards that are both well-made and simple to operate are crucial to the safety and durability of your electrical system.

Advice For A Secure Distribution Board

An electrical distribution board is a crucial piece of hardware. This means they require regular upkeep to ensure the safety of those around them. Here are some pointers to help you maintain these bulletin boards.

  • A blank plate can be used to conceal an empty distribution board slot.
  • These circuits shouldn’t be used anywhere. Make sure there is no chance of it getting wet.
  • Keep these boards far from the range or the oven.
  • Distribution boards need to be shielded from corrosion.


Finally, IndoAsian distribution boards are vital to domestic life. They secure, protect, and simplify the home’s electrical system. Whether you’re remodelling or building from scratch, the distribution board must be properly installed and in compliance with safety standards.

A main switch or circuit breaker (MCB or MCCB) houses an incoming VTPN DB, while multiple MCBs serve as outlets. Different sizes and ratings are available, and they can be flush or surface-mounted.



Post Author: Jason Balling