All you need to know about the clothes moths

Whenever you think about the moths, you thought about small and winged insects that can easily get attracted to bright lights. Though, these moths can easily sneak into the home and intrude on your food. Not only the food, but the moths also feed on animal fibers that mean they can also attack your closet. 

The moths have the capability to infest carpeting, garments, and other textile garments, but they choose food as their main source. Apparently, they don’t like light and prefer to be in dark places such as chests and wardrobes. One thing to note here is that fully grown moths do not feed on clothing, but the larvae do the things. 

What kind of food clothe moths eat?

You are mistaken if you think clothes moths just eat garment fibers. They generally prefer to eat natural animal-based fibers having protein keratin like fur, wool, feathers, and leather. This clearly means they are going to target your expensive clothing articles rather than the cheaper ones. 

Where you can find them?

Primarily, you can find them in the closet and if not there, they are found in attics, under the rugs, old garments, wall activities, and basements.  

Preventing the clothes moths entering your closet

The initial step in prevention is cleaning your coats, blankets, and other textile products before storing them. You can opt for dry cleaning, running the clothes through the wash, and inspecting or blushing them so that the moths don’t lay the eggs. Hence, it becomes important that you should check under the collar, sleeves, or tucked areas. 

The next step is storing the clothes in tight space and sealable plastic bags before keeping them in storage boxes. Some people make use of moth balls, crystals, or flakes having naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene chemical that prevent moths from laying their eggs. 

Professionals for your help

There are numerous methods for trapping the moths and using insecticides for getting rid of clothes moths. At Guardian Pest Control, we offer excellent moth control services at your doorstep. By visiting, you can come to know more about the services we are offering. 


Post Author: Jason Balling