Best Way To Design With Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Best Way To Design With Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Wood cabinets are highly revered in modern interior design. Both designers and homeowners consider them natural and durable options for any kitchen interior design. However, like all other cabinetry designs, wood-based cabinets have ups and downs.

We sought to unravel the advantages and disadvantages of modern wood kitchen cabinets to let you know many things about them. Therefore, continue reading if you want to know everything about modern-looking natural wood cabinets.

Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets Explained

As their name insinuates, modern wood kitchen cabinets are the latest versions of traditional natural wood cabinets. They come in multiple types, including painted or stained varieties as well as varieties with indigenous natural wood undertones.

Modern wood cabinetries are generally classified based on the type of hardwood they are made up of. In this respect, here are the most common types of modern-styled wood kitchen cabinets.

  • Maple kitchen cabinets
  • Oak kitchen cabinets
  • Mahogany kitchen cabinets
  • Cherry kitchen cabinets
  • Hickory kitchen cabinets

Advantages of Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets

1. Extended Lifespan

Modern wood kitchen cabinets boast impressive longer lifespan courtesy of their raw wood material structure. Because of their wood-grained finishes, modern-looking wood cabinets can conceal forms of dirt like dust and fingermarks as well as resist all aspects of tear and wear. With their extraordinary lifespan, modern wood kitchen cabinets can let you part with significant amounts of cash if you resell them after using them for many years.

2. Functionality

Besides their admirable lifespan, modern wood kitchen cabinets are advantageous in terms of the ease of working with them. Because of their coarse wood textured finishes, modern wood cabinet designs are simpler to maintain in terms of repainting or refurbishment and cleaning as well as styling. Unpainted modern wood cabinet varieties are perfect at instilling warmth into any type of kitchen interior, thanks to their deep stains which are perfect for absorbing heat.

3. Access to Inexhaustible Design Options

Because they come in varying styles, colors, and materials, modern wood kitchen cabinets usher homeowners to incalculable interior design options, from which they can pick their treasured designs. If you choose modern wood cabinets, you can opt for varieties with painted finishes or those with a generic natural wood appearance.

4. Simplified Customization

All wood cabinets, including modern-styled wood cabinets, are markedly convenient in terms of customization. Because they generally come with the outlooks of wood in its natural state, you can easily apply your favorite colors on them to make them seem fit for you. With natural wood material, wood cabinets are considerably easier to outfit.

Hence, if you want cabinets that you can leverage to make your kitchen seem compatible with your interior design needs, simply go for modern wood cabinets. Because of the ease of outfitting them, you can easily optimize them, in terms of shape, layout, and color, based on your inclination in interior design.

5. Environmental Friendliness

In the current post-modern world, environmental consciousness is stressed in all areas of life. In interior design, eco-friendly décor materials, for example, natural wood, are now very popular because of the surging need for environmental protection.

Modern wood kitchen cabinets, in this regard, are now the go-to cabinet varieties for many people because their materials are natural, hence, friendlier to the environment. Besides the fact that they are durable, these drawers can be effortlessly recycled, all of which justify their eco-friendliness.

Disadvantages of Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Relatively Higher Cost of Purchase

Compared to cabinets manufactured from artificial materials like plywood, fiberboard, and laminate materials, modern-styled wood cabinets are sold at higher prices. However, because they are outstandingly durable, modern wood cupboards seem valuable although the cost of acquiring them is more often high.

Susceptibility to Water Damage

Because wood is extremely vulnerable to the effects of moisture, modern solid wood cabinets can easily be damaged by water, especially where water and other liquids constantly spill on their pristine surfaces. However, you can apply high-quality veneer coating on the surfaces of the cabinets to coat them against the damages they are more likely to have when they are continuously exposed to moisture.

Costly Maintenance

Considering that solid wood is vulnerable to termite attacks and damages caused by moisture, it can cost you substantially in terms of maintenance. To avoid spending more cash on cabinet maintenance, you can try treating your cookhouse to eject all termites. Above all, you must clean modern wood cabinets regularly to avoid costly refurbishment procedures.

Are Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets Worth It?

Yes! As you have discovered, the benefits of modern wood kitchen cabinets are numerous compared to their disadvantages. Regarding using them in interior design, modern-styled solid wood cabinets are all about convenience. They come in multiple varieties from which you can find your perfect cabinet design variety.

Although modern wood cabinets are expensive to acquire and maintain, they are searched for by many homeowners, thanks to their durability. Last but not least, modern wood cupboards are worth it based on their eco-friendliness. Unlike artificial cabinets, modern wood cabinets can easily be recycled, which is a fact that makes them important in the contemporary interior design industry where support for environmental sustainability is stressed.

What are the Alternatives for Modern Wood Kitchen Cabinets

#1: Modern Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Just like modern wood kitchen cabinets, natural wood is one of the highlights of shaker cabinetry designs. Modern shaker kitchen cabinets are currently leading the pack of trending modern kitchen ideas, thanks to their outstanding properties, which include the ability to match all cookhouse designs. Because of their simple designs and material features, shaker cabinets seem the most ideal replacements for solid wood cabinets with modern appeal.

#2: Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

Do you love natural wood but want to incorporate traditional and modern design aesthetics? If yes, then go for modern farmhouse cabinetries. These drawers feature classic and modern fashion in terms of material and styling features respectively. Modern farmhouse cabinets are currently trending.

Final Thoughts

All the latest varieties of wood cabinets are amazing in all aspects, from visual attractiveness to practicability and environmental-friendliness. Moreover, modern wood kitchen cabinets are stunningly durable, easier to customize and can provide unlimited access to multiple kitchen design options.

Post Author: Randall Callahan