Creative Ways to Use Solar Energy

Solar energy is an easier way to produce household electricity than any other method. This can be seen in the steady growth of solar energy and the decreasing energy consumption. It is likely that you drive past neighbors who have PV solar panels on their roofs to power their homes.

1. Solar Water Heater

There are two options for passive or active solar water heating systems. There is a major difference between passive and active heaters. Passive heaters do not have circulating pumps or controls. Each heater has its own advantages, depending on the climate and maintenance requirements. Solar water heaters can save homeowners up to 80% in sunny areas like Florida.

2. Solar Outdoor Lighting

This is a great way to save money and cut down on your electricity consumption. Solar energy is very popular for outdoor lighting. It is affordable and easily available at your local home improvement stores. They will spend the day in the sun, so they can keep you energized when it goes down.

3. Solar Cookers

Solar cooking is another important use of solar energy. You can create a solar cooker with a pan, aluminum foil, duct tape, and a thermometer. There are many ways to make a solar oven. This is the easiest. Perhaps you made one for a science fair or used your Scout skills to make a shoebox oven. A solar cooker is also an option. While many people use solar energy to cook while camping and enjoying the great outdoors, they are also important in developing areas.

4. Solar Power for Charging Batteries

A device powered by solar energy can be charged with any amount of solar energy. All you need are the right tools. You can charge your tablet, camera, or laptop with portable solar power chargers. You can also charge your solar battery banks during the day in the sun and then use them at night to save electricity.

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Post Author: Clare Louise