Design with Many Types of Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Wood cabinets are back in style with breath-taking looks. If you are more inclined to durability, ease of usage, and cost-effectiveness when choosing cabinet designs, you have probably considered cabinets made of bare wood.

You need to know that they are now in fashion and so, there’s no perfect time to make good use of them than now. In this article, we unearth the different types of natural wood kitchen cabinets.

Read on to discover everything you have ever wanted to know about wood cabinets; their features, benefits, and how to leverage them to make any dream kitchen interior design a reality.

About Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Customarily, kitchen cabinets come in a wide range of materials but hardwoods are the materials commonly used to engineer different types of cabinets. Wood cabinets have been in the interior design industry since time out of mind.

Surprisingly, while their foundation is classic interiors, they are trending in present-day interior design. Natural wood kitchen cabinets are revered all over for their exciting characteristics, of which the most known are the following.

Incomparable Longer Lifespan

Because of the durable attributes of hardwoods used in cabinet manufacturing, natural wood cabinets come with a guarantee for a longer lifespan. This is because, like hardwoods, they can easily resist impacts and scratches, which justifies their unrivalled potential to withstand any manner of traffic.

With their visible natural wood grain patterning, wood cabinets can absorb paint and stains well without getting their finishes peeled off even when exposed to surface-corroding spills or smudges.

Amazing Functional Attributes

Natural wood kitchen cabinets are functionally relevant in the sense that they are not only easier to maintain but also work with in designing an interior. These drawers can be mixed with colors, painted, stained, or left in pristine bare wood appearance, all of which can easily make aesthetic features of where they are accommodated stand out markedly.

If you decide to accessorize them, you will effortlessly discover that they seamlessly blend with tens of types of accessories, from vintage to ultra-modern appliances and fixtures. Therefore, if you want cabinet functionality to be the hallmark of the design you choose for your pantry, simply opt for cabinets made of natural wood.

A Multiplicity of Design Options

As you will later find out, natural wood kitchen cabinets exist in varying types in terms of material features. Besides material variance, these drawers also come in types based on design factors like color, style, and layout.

In this sense, natural wood cabinets are the types of drawers that can guarantee you manifold design options to choose from when designing your cookhouse. If you start searching for them, you will encounter all types of designs, from traditional to post-modern trends.

Common Categories of Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Based on material features, there are varying types of natural wood cabinets. The following are the most common types of raw wood cabinets.

1. Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Maple is the best hardwood for kitchen cabinets because it is strong, durable, and exceptionally smooth textured. In this sense, maple cabinets are some of the leading types of natural wood kitchen cabinets in the contemporary world of interior design.

Loved for their vibrant honey tones, maple kitchen cabinets are versatile and can mix with a wide range of colors when used as décor materials in designing an interior. Regardless of how your pantry is designed, it can look glamorous with maple cabinets.

2. Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Defined by unadulterated finishes and shades marked by rich red-brown to vibrant red undertones, cherry cabinets are distinguished natural wood cupboards. Their functionality notwithstanding, cherry cabinet designs are attractive because of their eye-catchiness and extended lifespan.

Among the countless proven benefits of cherry kitchen cabinets, is the ease of outfitting and customizing them, which has made them so popular in the present-day interior design industry. Another good thing about cabinets with cherry wood material is that they are very easy to find compared to other types of natural wood kitchen cabinets.

3. Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak cabinets are perhaps the most common type of bare wood cupboards in the world of interior design. Because of the ease of finding them, oak kitchen cabinets have become exceedingly common to the extent that almost every home presently features them.

It is not only the ease of accessing them that makes oak cabinets an interior design fashion trend. Because of their visible straight-grained surfaces, these drawers are easier to work with and can absorb and retain paint or stain, all of which make them worthy of admiration.

4. Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

Hickory cabinets, another leading type of natural wood kitchen cabinets, are at the moment, trending. Like all other types of wood cupboards, hickory kitchen cabinets boast impressive lifespan and functional characteristics.

Nonetheless, these drawers are more loved for the ease of outfitting them, thanks to the amazing brittleness of hickory hardwood specie. Therefore, if you want drawers that you can effortlessly customize as you wish, simply go for cabinets engineered from hickory hardwood.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

#1: Know your Interior Design Preference

Knowing your preference in interior design styles is a must if you want to opt for the perfect natural wood kitchen cabinets. For example, wood cabinets adorned with bare wood appearance are perfect for traditional designs while colored wood cabinets work well with modern interior designs.

#2: Consider the Colors Available in your Pantry

Depending on the colors incorporated inside your scullery, you can choose to buy painted or stained natural cabinets. Hence, you should always take into account the colors of everything inside your kitchen, including the colors on the walls and floor as well as the various types of kitchenware, if you want to find the perfect natural wood cabinets.

Final Thoughts

If you ever thought of installing natural wood cabinets in your pantry, you need to know that now is the right time to do so. They are currently in fashion and so, are being unleashed continuously. Natural wood kitchen cabinets are amazing in numerous aspects, from their unmatched design variability and functional attributes to compatibility with several interior designs.

Post Author: Randall Callahan