Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Modernized Design Ideas

Distressed Kitchen

Are you looking forward to choosing distressed cabinets as the main décor materials for your next kitchen remodeling exercise? If yes, continue reading this article to uncover more about the cabinets you want to go for. 

We have comprehensively explained every worth-knowing thing about distressed kitchen cabinets for your good. 

About Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets whose surface outlook is typical of weathered wood are referred to as distressed cabinets. Generally speaking, these cupboard designs are more often associated with classic interior design fashion. 

The most unique attributes of distressed kitchen cabinets include the following; 

  • Natural Wood Material Components

Just like in the case of a variety of traditional cabinets, for example, shaker cabinet designs, natural wood is the major material used to craft distressed cabinet varieties. Thanks to their bare wood material background, distressed cabinets are superbly longer-lasting and convenient to work with. 

  • Minimal Ornamentation

For your information, the majority of distressed kitchen cabinets are less likely to feature unnecessary decorative features, including carvings. Due to their minimalistic design features, distressed cabinets, regardless of the extent to which they seem traditional or contemporary, can blend perfectly with a myriad of interior designs. 

  • Unparalleled Accessibility

Among a wide range of classic-style kitchen cabinets, distressed cabinet designs have proven the easiest-to-access type of kitchen cabinets. The fact that they have been trending ever since they were invented can explain why they are always in the masses on both online and land-based shopping platforms. 

Where to Find Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

As already explained, distressed cabinets are very common. Regardless of whether you are a pro or amateur as far as identifying kitchen cabinets is concerned, you can locate them in both online and offline kitchen furniture showrooms.

But the takeaway to finding the most attractive distressed kitchen cabinets is putting in mind the following; 

  • The overall outlook of the interior in which you want to install distressed cabinets
  • Your preferences when it comes to color, shape, and size
  • Your budget vs. the actual price of cabinets

How to Style Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Since their weathered wood surfaces are typically less ornamented, distressed cabinetry designs are not difficult to style. Depending on what you want the interior in which they are to look like, you may pair distressed cabinets with variable colors and material textures to make them seem more eye-catching. 

Final Thoughts

You can make distressed cabinets the main go-to décor materials as far as your kitchen remodeling plans are concerned. Distressed kitchen cabinets are not only cost-effective but also functional and fun to work with. 

Post Author: Jason Balling