Essential Devices required harnessing solar energy


We have all heard about how using renewable sources of energy is the future and about how these renewable sources of energy are resulting in causing no harm to the environment. Also they do not require any additional costapart from the installation and buying cost. Everything stated above is understood and we have heard it from many sources, but ever wondered how to harness solar energy? Below mentioned are some of the technologies which are be used to harness solar energy –

  • Photovoltaic (PV) 

Energy can be harnessed during this process using a device called Photovoltaic Cell. While in this process, there are panels on which are kept under direct rays of the sun and resultantly they generate an electric current in this process. There are different types of solar cells devices available which are used for the same. Now the cost of solar cell devices has reduced in the market.

  • Solar thermal Electricity

In this method, the sunlight is collected and it gets concentrated at a place. There are three common things used to concentration of sunlight, namely –

    • Curved Mirrors
  • Dish like device used to concentrate the heat

Solar panels have become a huge hit as they are widely being used, they are easy to install as well as they are convenient which makes it even better alternative to install solar panels at any place. Mentioned below are two devices that are used to harness solar energy-

  • Solar Heater

The solar heater is used to provide hot water which can be used for cleaning, bathing or any other household activity. Solar heater, as the term suggested works as a heater to make hot water. A bigger unit is used in the industries where there is more usage.

  • Solar Cooker

A solar cooker is commonly used for cooking food. But using a solar cooker involves alot of uncertainty because it can be used only until the sunlight is there. But on the other hand, it is a good replacement for an LPG cylinder, because of which it is environmental friendly also. To add to this, it is also a cost-effective method to be used to harness solar energy.

Final Overview

Solar energy is going to be the future. Solar for a home is an even better idea, because it will lead to decrease in electricity bill. So why not come together and make the best use of sunlight through energy generation.

Post Author: Jason Balling