Furnace Winterization and Maintenance

You always need to figure out what to expect in Texas during the winter. Sure, the season is usually worse up north, but when it gets cold here, you’re not used to it. To stay warm on these unexpected days, you’ll turn to your furnace or another source of heat.

Regardless of their importance, furnaces will only work properly if they are correctly maintained. Indeed, several customers have reported that after the first cold spell, their units refuse to turn on. This could be due to a variety of factors, but it is frequently avoidable by prepping your furnace in advance. The tips below will help you stay warm this winter, whether you do it yourself or with the assistance of StoneBridge Heating & Air Conditioning’s furnace maintenance in Kilgore, TX.

Cleaning and Replacing Filters

Using a heater to generate warm air improves air quality by removing dust and debris. Filters are frequently provided for this purpose. The filters may become clogged with grime after a while. As a result, dirt is forced back into the air, resulting in insufficient heat and possibly overworking the furnace to the point of failure.

Cleaning filters is simple and can be completed in less than 30 minutes. By opening the filter door, the filter can be removed. Replace them and double-check that they are securely fastened. You can also clean your filters with a damp cloth or a gentle vacuum. Make sure the door is securely closed after replacing the filters.

Check On the Intake Pipe

The intake pipe is one of the most essential components of a furnace system; it is critical in providing consistent and appropriate heat delivery throughout the winter months. It helps to move air into the furnace chamber, which allows it to produce heat as efficiently as possible.

The intake pipe is frequently clogged by debris, such as leaves or dirt, due to its location. A clogged pipe can start a fire and obstruct heating. Twigs and other larger debris are often easy to remove, but hiring a company like StoneBridge Heating & Air Conditioning may provide a more thorough pipe cleaning. If you find any fractures in the line, please notify them.

Temperature Controllers

Your first instinct may be to turn up the heat on your furnace as high as possible because you want to stay warm all winter. Regrettably, this will overburden the system and raise energy costs. When determining the optimal temperature, consider the size of the household, the type of building insulation, windows, and other air infiltration sources.

Other aspects of your home that can be weatherized may allow you to lower your thermostat even further. Install weather strips on your windows and doors to prevent drafts. It would be beneficial if you also cleaned out your gutters to prevent snow and ice accumulation. For optimal performance, the temperature of your water heater, like that of your furnace, should be controlled.

Obtain an Annual Examination

Aside from your labor, the best care you can give your furnace is having an HVAC professional come in for a periodic maintenance check. When you hire StoneBridge Heating & Air Conditioning, you can count on a thorough inspection every time.

When they arrive in Tyler, Flint, and Kilgore, TX, to work on furnaces, their team will first make the area safe. Following that, they will examine various components for signs of aging. If a simple tune-up isn’t enough, they’ll tell you right away and offer to replace the part or even the entire unit in some cases.

Your comfort is essential, and StoneBridge Heating% Air Conditioning has made it a priority to provide 100% satisfaction every time. They will leave once you’re satisfied and the area has been thoroughly cleaned.

While you can provide some care for your furnace, the more difficult tasks should be handled by a professional. This will ensure that the work is done correctly and safely. Call StoneBridge Heating & Air Conditioning for the best assistance available, whether for a scheduled appointment or in the event of a disaster.

Post Author: Jason Balling