How does IQF Freezer Work?

Freezing methods have been in existence for a very long time now and throughout this existence, it has only improved and evolved its standards. The main purpose of freezing is to preserve food materials and that can be done by a mere food cooler as well. However, according to changing atmosphere & weather conditions, the structure of food has also started changing.

Mere freezing can keep food materials intact for only a specific time and after that, these food items start getting damaged from the inside. However, with the advanced freezing procedures, this internal damage can be eradicated for a much longer period and the intactness & freshness of the food materials remain the same always. One such freezing method that can do this effectively is the IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) method.

Working methods of an IQF Freezer

Below are some basic working style steps of an IQF freezer that helps in proper freezing mechanisms and equal balance of all the food items and their quality:

  • Highest Required Freezing Temperatures

At the initial stage, the freezer should be kept at the coolest and highest required freezing temperatures. If this first step is not followed properly, then there remains no proper difference between a normal freezer and an IQF freezer and this gives only problematic situations to the food. That is why setting the IQF machine temperature correctly is a very crucial thing.

  • Convenient Outside Atmosphere for the Freezer to work Efficiently

The outside atmosphere is a very important factor that should be considered while setting the inside temperature of the IQF machine. Without proper setting of the IQF machine according to the outside temperature, a major mishap can happen with the food materials stored inside the freezer.

For the same reason, this aspect should not be denied by the people while setting the temperature of the IQF machine.

  • Food Materials kept in the Freezer to be in properly Packed Condition

All the food materials that are kept in the freezer should be packed in airtight containers properly. If all the food items are left open, then the action of microbes may take place on them at some point even during the IQF freezing process. That is why I keep the food materials in airtight containers without fail.


IQF is a very advanced technology of freezing and undoubtedly provides much greater and wider advantages to the people. Availability of this freezing technology will be very credible and authentic for the people and will offer great help in keeping the food quality of your products intact. The use of this freezing technology should be specifically done in huge food industries for better preservation of food.

The food quality can remain active for a much longer period and the raw material manufacturing process can become much more convenient for industries if they adopt this method of freezing for themselves. So, considering this freezing method will not at all be a bad idea for you and you will instead receive much more credibility from the same.

Post Author: Randall Callahan