How Does Roof Replacement with Solar Panels Work?

It would be much easier to replace your roof before purchasing a solar panel system. Roof replacement becomes more expensive once the panels have been installed. You will need to pay for the removal of the panels and the cost of roofing materials.

If you are looking for a roof to replace your existing solar panels, this guide will help.

Get in Touch With Your Residential Roofing Company

First, get in touch with the local roofing companies. Tell them that you are currently using solar energy and require a new roof. Your contractor will probably explain to you that not all roofing companies use the same type of solar mounting brackets. Therefore, you will need the right roofing system to fit your solar panels.

It will be clear that not all roofing contractors are qualified to remove solar panels. You will need to contact your local solar company to have the panels removed from your existing roof. After the roofing project is completed, you will need to pay for the reinstallation of the panels.

The roofing contractor can help you purchase solar panels once your roof has been installed. They can advise you on the right type of roofing and possibly recommend a local company to install solar panels.

Get in Touch With the Solar Companies

For solar panel installation, contact the company that you hired. Tell the company that your roof needs to be replaced or repaired, but you are still interested in solar energy.

Many companies that specialize in solar installations will be able to explain how roofing materials and mounting hardware interact. They will confirm that your chosen roofing system works with your existing solar energy system.

An efficient solar company will work with your roofer and will take down your solar panels the day before your roof installation. This will allow you to enjoy the solar energy benefits for as long as you can so your electric bill doesn’t skyrocket.

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