Should a Circuit Breaker Instead of a Fuse Box Be Installed?

Does an outdated fuse box exist in your business? Are you considering replacing a fuse box with a circuit breaker? In many locations, fuse boxes are authorized despite the fact that they can be hazardous and create significant electrical difficulties. If metal fuses overheat, they have the potential to catch fire. In contrast, circuit breakers are constructed of plastic and trip when overloaded, so preventing a fire from igniting. The best course of action is to call Orange Electric and make them your go-to Salt Lake City commercial electrical contractor. They are qualified to assist businesses with any electrical issues, including fuse box replacements.

In older buildings, fuse boxes are used to manage the electrical flow. With contemporary electrical advancements, electricians believe fuse boxes to be outmoded. Thus, the majority of them advise employing a circuit breaker rather than a fuse box. As you read, it will become clear why this is the case.

Accommodate High Voltage

A circuit breaker is a type of electrical switch that prevents overload or short-circuit damage to an electrical circuit. When a flaw is identified, the first objective is to halt the current flow. In contrast to a fuse box, which must be replaced after a single usage, a circuit breaker may be reset to continue functioning. Circuit breakers are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from tiny devices that protect individual appliances or low-current circuits to large switchgear that protects high-voltage circuits that power an entire city.

The majority of circuits in a normal house circuit breaker panel, including the main panel feed breaker, will utilize 1/2″ wide “mini” or “type CH” breakers, whereas heavy-draw circuits such as clothes dryers and oven ranges will require 1″ wide “type C” breakers. Moreover, one or more “master” breakers, each with a rating equal to the total power capacity of the service supplying the main panel, will be fitted.

Some Circumstances Prevent Fuse Functioning

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) and fuse boxes are two types of electrical equipment. Fuses safeguard circuits against overload by interrupting the circuit when it receives excessive electricity. In order to prevent shocks, GFCIs are intended to interrupt the flow of electricity when a ground fault is detected.

GFCIs and fuse boxes cannot be utilized concurrently because they serve distinct purposes. If a GFCI is put on a circuit protected by a fuse box, it will trip in the event of a blown fuse, rendering the fuse box ineffectual. Installing a GFCI on a circuit with a malfunctioning fuse box will render it ineffective. Because of these factors make fuse boxes and GFCIs incompatible in the same electrical system.

Do You Need Replacement or Maintenance?

A professional evaluation makes it easier to determine whether you should repair or replace your electrical panel. Even though electrical panels may be fixed, many of the most frequent issues homeowners have with their electrical panels require replacement rather than repair. As an illustration, a fuse box must be changed.

Before a damaged electrical panel can be fixed, it must be evaluated by an electrician. Typically, a professional can repair wiring faults without having to replace the entire panel. Due to their expertise, Orange Electric’s skilled electricians can assist companies with ease anytime a defective electrical panel is present.

Always clear, Orange Electric provides its customers with required and efficient services. Even though repairs would earn them more money in the long run, they will inform you whether a replacement will save you money. The safety of yourself and your workers should always take first.

You may also rely on Orange Electric to complete yearly power inspections at your business. This will guarantee that you are in compliance with safety regulations and avoid incurring hefty penalties and being in danger of issues such as fires. There is a reason why so many Salt Lake City companies continue to contact them!

It might not be easy to comprehend fuse boxes and circuit breakers if you have never studied electrical work before. If you believe that adjustments are needed at your firm, always contact Orange Electric for advice and excellent service.

Post Author: Jason Balling