The Pros and Cons of Design With Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Natural wood cabinets never go out of style. From classic to contemporary interior designs, natural wood is exceptionally very common. If you have lately been thinking of incorporating natural wood cupboards in your pantry, continue reading this article. 

We have compiled the pros and cons of natural wood kitchen cabinets to help know more about hardwood cabinets. Read more to know how you can best use them for your dream interior design. 

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Explained 

Natural wood has been the most preferred material for all types of furniture from time immemorial. In this regard, the majority of cabinet designs mostly feature natural wood material. Natural wood kitchen cabinets come in several varieties, of which the most notable types are; 

  • Oak Kitchen Cabinets
  • Maple kitchen cabinets
  • Cherry kitchen cabinets
  • Hickory kitchen cabinets

What are the Pros and Cons of Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets?


  • Cost-Effectiveness

Cabinets made of hardwood species are generally cost-effective, specifically from the perspective of their durability. Because of their resilience, these drawers can easily serve you for decades without showing any major symptoms of tear and wear. 

  • Access to Inexhaustible Design Options

With natural wood kitchen cabinets, you can style your scullery according to any design. Natural wood works well in all designs, from traditional to modern styles. Hence, natural wood cabinets can give you unlimited options to choose from in terms of kitchen interior design. 

  • Visual Beauty

If you want the visual outlook of your kitchen to seem naturally attractive, natural wood cabinets are the interior décor items you should go for. Raw wood is amazingly visually charming, especially when left in its pristine unpainted state. 

  • Ease of Usage and Functionality

Considering the straight-grained properties of the majority of hardwood species, most natural wood cabinets are easier to clean and maintain. Because of their compatibility with several colors and designs, natural wood kitchen cabinets are easier to work with in interior design compared to cabinets made of man-made materials like fibreboard. 


  • Considerably Higher Cost of Purchase

Because of their extended lifespan, natural wood cabinets are slightly more expensive than laminate cabinets. However, their hallmark attribute, durability, makes them attractive and valuable despite the higher cost of acquiring and installing them. 

  • Susceptibility to Water Damage

Because of the hygroscopic properties of natural wood, cabinets made of wood can easily be destroyed by moisture caused by spills, more so water spills. For natural wood kitchen cabinets to stay for a long time, their finishes need to be coated with a stain or paint. 


Natural wood kitchen cabinets are more or less timeless cabinetry designs. Because of their remarkable features, these drawers are the best you can go for if you are planning to reinvent the outlook of your pantry. 

Post Author: Clare Louise