Understand the difference between interior design and architecture

Did you know that the interior designer and the architect have different roles? Well, many people still confuse these two areas. In this post, you will discover the difference between an interior designer and an architect, besides knowing the responsibilities of each one and understanding the importance of thinking about design from the beginning of the architectural project to guarantee the house of your dreams.

What is the difference between interior design and architecture?

The interior designer is not necessarily an architect. It is very common to see the two professionals working together, so it is normal that there is confusion between the functions performed by each of these areas. When building a house, you can choose to hire an architect to develop your architectural project and a designer to take care of the interior design. It is not difficult to find architects specializing in the field of interior design, which can be a great option.

What does an interior designer do?

An interior designer works with a focus on the internal environments of the house, developing projects aimed at the layout, decoration and organization of space. Unlike an architect, the designer will not take care of the structural part of the project.  The main objective of this professional is to create solutions to make the best use of rooms. For this, the designer goes beyond aesthetics and considers factors such as functionality, ergonomics, circulation, lighting and space optimization. 

It is very common for the interior design area to be confused with decoration, but it is worth mentioning that the project here goes far beyond decorative details. Despite also working on the aesthetics of internal environments, the designer will help you to have a much more practical, comfortable and cozy home. 

What does an architect do?

If the interior designer will take care of the internal environments of your home, the architect takes care of the project as a whole, focusing on the structural part. This is the professional responsible for developing all the construction planning and creating the blueprint of properties, buildings and commercial establishments. Besides, the architect can manage and monitor the works, as well as work in other complementary areas, such as landscaping and interior design itself.

This professional can develop a project from scratch or plan the renovation of your property and even help you choose the best land according to your goals. For this, the architect makes a kind of interview to understand their expectations and then uses all the technical knowledge, analyzing each aspect, with the objective of developing a project capable of meeting to your needs and desires.

The importance of a professional

From time to time, a property demands some changes and renovations to adapt the environment to your needs and dreams. However, the renovation process can be very stressful when you do not have the right professionals. If your goal is to idealize the interior design of your home, hiring Kalluna Interior Design may be the best option. These professionals have a holistic view of the process and can carry out interventions that optimize the use of space.

Post Author: Jason Balling