When I acquire a ceiling fan, what size should I choose?

We know that the bigger the size of a ceiling fan, the larger is its coverage of an area. This indicates fans with bigger blades cover a bigger property of the room area. However, what is the precise size that you should choose for a space?

Here is a quick guideline:

  • Spaces of around 80 sq. feet must ideally have fans with a size of 24-42″ blades.
  • Medium-sized spaces of roughly 100 to 150 sq. feet should have blade periods of 44” to 50″.
  • Basic sized spaces of concerning 150 300 sq. feet ought to have blade lengths of around 52 to 60″.
  • Large spaces of greater than 300 sq. ft can do with ceiling fans of greater than 62″ blade length.

What is a CFM when I purchase a ceiling fan?

CFM means cubic feet/minute. It reveals the quantity of air that the ceiling fan is able to move just in a minute when at its highest rate. The greater the CFM, the more airflow, which indicates cooler areas. However, this comes at a cost. The electric consumption is substantially higher for a larger CFM. Therefore, how do you pick the CFM for any certain area? Take a look at this guide listed below.

  • Rooms with areas under 200 sq. feet call for fans using a CFM of 2000 to 3000.
  • Standard-sized spaces like bedrooms, kitchens of around 200 to 300 sq. ft need fans using a CFM of 3000 to 4000.
  • Larger rooms like bedrooms as well as living spaces with around 300 to 450 sq. feet require CFMs of 4000 to 6000.
  • Much bigger areas around 450 sq. feet require a ceiling fan with a CFM of around 5000 to 9000.

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What motor to search for when I buy a ceiling fan?

While purchasing a ceiling fan, select one with a higher CFM and motor. The most effective energy-efficient motors are BLDC, ones which take in 75% less energy while creating high power. So, take a look at these motors identified according to dimension to understand which one is a suitable product for your home.

  • 153 mm electric motor supplies minimal air movement, as well as is likely to come to be loud with time. Likewise, plan for the wobbles with this size.
  • A good-sized motor for little rooms is 172 mm, as well as it gives better air movement than the previous size.
  • Fans having the 188 mm motor offer exceptional airflow, and you will not have any issue with durability or sound.
  • 212mm motors are likewise durable, as well as strong; they can be utilized for large-sized rooms.
  • A K55 electric motor is exceptionally strong, long-lasting, as well as quiet. This is the best motor around in addition to DC motors.
  • BLDC motor is the most reliable type of electric motor offered, as well as it eats concerning 75% less energy than any type of other motors would. BLDC motors utilize magnetism instead of mechanical commutators, which notably impacts the intake of electrical power. 

Post Author: Jason Balling