Why Should Mold Clean-Up & Remediation Be Done By Professionals?

Mold problems are common in every household but who should do the clean-up is an important question to consider. Water damage or water flooding can lead to mold growth in the house. While severe water damage should always be cleaned and restored by professionals if the situation is not that severe water clean-up and mold remediation can be done DIY as well. However, mold clean-up and remediation are not quite an easy task. It requires the right knowledge and expertise to find out the problem areas inside the house and then conduct the remediation process accordingly. Also, it’s a time-consuming job. Therefore it is recommended to hire a mold remediation Austin service to get the task done effortlessly and on time.

When to call a mold remediation service?

Mold growth can happen in moderate amounts in every household. By using detergent, baking soda, vinegar or tea tree oil one can clean up moderate mold growth. But if the issue is severe, then these home remedies will certainly not work. In that case one needs to call professional mold remediation Austin service to get the work done. Here’s when to call a mold remediation service:

  • If the mold growth has almost covered an area of 10 feet or more one needs professional help since in that case home remedies won’t work.
  • If one smells mold accompanied by the smell of decaying wood or old socks for a few days one needs to call a mold remediation service.
  • If any of the above signs are discovered, one should not wait any further. Mold growth inside the house will not only decay the walls and furniture but can also lead to health problems in the house. While breathing molds, one is also exposed to inhaling spores from the air which can create serious health hazards.

What to expect from a professional agency and what benefits can be achieved?

Here’s what to expect from a mod removal specialist:

  • Inspection- The first step behind mold remediation is a thorough inspection of the property. A professional or team of professionals will visit the property and use cameras & moisture meters for determining the moisture accumulated or wet areas. The professional can also ask the clients where the mold was first discovered or the area which is prone to water damage and inspects every corner of the area.
  • Use the right tools, chemicals and equipment- Once the mold is detected, the professional will use equipment like a vacuum to clear up the water before beginning the mod removal process. Next, he will conduct biohazard cleaning and mold removal procedures by using chemicals that are kinder to humans and the environment.
  • Protection from further damage- Reputed mold remediation agencies also conduct protective measures to stop any further growth.


Hiring a professional mold remediation Austin agency is not only time-saving but also cost-effective in the long run. The team working on a mold remediation project is certified, skilled and experienced enough to take challenges and complete the work on time.

Post Author: Randall Callahan